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We provide a variety of services and programs to assist anyone spiritually, emotionally, and relationally who suffers from the effects of addictive attitudes, behaviors, and besetting sins; and to be a referral source for the body of Christ and community at large.We believe recovery and transformation are entwined together as one. A process of unlearning self-defeating patterns of attitudes and behavior based on falsehood in order to learn to relearn new life-giving patterns that are based on God’s Word.

We use the Bible, 12-Step recovery, relapse prevention, and CBT to address addictive behavior and facilitate healing.
We provide training for those with a calling to do recovery work.
We provide a safe environment to help your loved one realize the need for recovery.
We provide consulting services for recovery work.
We provide biblical counseling for couples who seek to strengthen their bond.
Events / Ceremonies  
We provide pastoral services for weddings, funerals, and speaking engagements.
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