Overcome your addictions with our treatment consultations against substance abuse or marriage counseling. We offer services in all domains to help individuals overcome their issues and maintain mental health. Mental health has come out as a significant factor for everyone, especially during the pandemic times. It has become essential to preach healthy, wealth, and wisdom and take steps to become one. However, it is easy to say than done. 

BreakFree Ministries offers consulting services to groups and individuals about serving communities through mental health treatment and substance use disorder. 

Why Choose BreakFree Ministries Consultants?

We have licensed professionals intending to help people around us and help them become better versions of themselves. Our focus is not only on the person but their families that go through so much while a person suffers. We understand the mental trauma that substance abuse or family problems can leave. Hence, we help the person overcome it and take one step at a time. 

With over a decade of experience, our professionals work with people to give them a better tomorrow. 

What do we offer?

  1. Compact, intensive, and yet flexible program
  2. We tailor-make the intervention program according to the individual’s requirements
  3. For those with a busy schedule, we offer the convenience of intervention
  4.  Our approach to addiction is multidisciplinary that involves friends, family, doctors, ministers, faith, and belief in God  

How do we make a difference?

Bible is an inspiration and good Words of God that can alter lives instantly. It offers us hope, and we believe in providing that hope to the people who need it. The sinful man and lost soul looking for salvation can find all the answers in the Bible. We offer a path of salvation to the people to resurrect their lives and devote themselves to a spiritual entity.
At BreakFree Ministries, our compassionate counsellors help discover the truth and find solutions for the person with grace. Our motive is to give a path to the person who needs to grow in the walk, get practical help, and talk with someone who cares.

Have you lost all your hope?

If you are done with life or have lost hope, we will help you out. We offer:

What is our primary forte?

We understand the struggle of the users and hence offer help with:
What are you looking for? A safe environment to process your thoughts? Relational peace and unity? Overcome frustrating habits? Achieve greater success? Questions God about his desires? Accountability? We can help you out with everything. 
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