Addiction/Biblical Counseling

What Is Biblical Counseling?

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Let God be your guide and comfort in the journey of finding compassion 

Our Addiction/Biblical Counseling 

Several addiction treatments focus on eliminating the use of alcohol or drug from the individual's life. However, mind healing takes an ample amount of time to get back to everyday life without surrendering to the addiction in the future. Biblical Counseling is focused on establishing a connection with God that will offer comfort and peace to the mind and enhances the recovery rate. Our Biblical counseling experts work on clinical treatment plans such as CBT, relapse prevention, and 12-Step recovery addressing addiction or mental health issues to facilitate healing. 
BreakFree Ministries has a team of licensed professional counsellors who stand out with their proven clinical therapies and Biblical truths in helping people manage their lives. Regardless of what an individual is stuck at, our team helps and prays for them to discover the direction they seek and answers that keep them in a doubtful state. 

Who can Benefit from Addiction/Biblical Counseling?

Addiction/Biblical Counseling is a diverse program that helps individuals open up to God and establish a relationship as the first step toward healing. The newfound relationship partnered with family recovery and individualized clinical treatment plan helps build a strong foundation for helping people in the long run. We help in alcohol or drug detox, dual diagnosis, or inpatient psychiatric treatment. 
Our program is open to everyone as it is non-denominational. Whoever needs to find recovery, seek to connect spirituality, and find themselves can be part of the program. We aim to combine clinical programming with medical treatment, such as relapse prevention, clinical groups, education, and individual clinical sessions. 

What to expect in Biblical Counseling?

Biblical Counseling is all about the spiritual journey of a person using healing tools that can serve through lifelong recovery. At BreakFree Ministries, we aim to offer a deep understanding among our clients of God's forgiveness, love, peace, and mercy. Our experts provide suggestions, guidance, spiritual support, and recommendations based on a person's progress. 
With 12 steps of healing, we allow the word of God to influence an individual's life for something better in a non-judgmental environment. Our trained professionals can help create a full-time program and help you connect spiritually with support staff, Christian-based counsel, and director in group sessions, counseling sessions, individual support, etc. We offer:
Our vision is to help clients understand the Word of God to heal, rejuvenate, and establish hope in life. Non-denominational Biblical Counseling creates a positive relationship and makes healthy choices. 

Why BreakFree Ministries over others?

BreakFree Ministries' administration and staff are committed to making a difference in the world by serving the local community. We offer unique benefits that can help individuals start their lives toward recovery and make a difference. We are an active and proud community that cares for and safeguards the well-being of our clients at every possible step. 
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