Addiction Training/Workshops/Seminars

Be the change that you want to see in the world.

Our addiction training program will help you get the necessary training to contribute to recovery work.
Whether in the communities, family, or friends, everyone has their addictions, harmful or harmless. Harmless addictions are easy to live with, such as reading books, social networking, etc. However, it is harmful addictions that have the power to change the course of someone's life, such as drugs and alcohol. 
It has become a crippling factor to the people around us that damages their and their families' lives. Some people want to make a difference by helping those who need it the most. 
If you are one of them, then workshop training and seminars can be your first step towards a remarkable journey of "being the change you want to see". BreakFree Ministries offers training to those that want to be involved in recovery work. 

Workshop Training 

Psychosocial substance abuse treatment is the primary aspect of transferring evidence-based approaches to something better. We use extensive practice to help people going through substance abuse, behaviors, attitudes, and sins.
Earlier, online courses, self-study readings, and education workshops were not given much importance. However, with the internet taking the front seat, we promote workshops, addiction training, and online seminars to improve attendees' attitudes, knowledge, and confidence. 
The aim is to help the attendees to change the world and work with clients facing problems using their skills. We factor the change into the world for the long-term adoption of skills. We aim to adopt new practices and help attendees to implement them on the substance abuse clients allowing them to change the way of their lives. 
With the addiction training, workshop, and seminars, you will be able to examine brain and body changes due to any substance, its process, challenges, recovery, and best practices to treat it. 

What difference can we make?

Several funding and awareness programs around substance abuse for private and public sources. Despite these, the use of the substance has inadequately increased, affecting millions of lives and families, and it has become a significant concern for the people around us. 
One needs to understand the psychology of addiction and recovery to start making a difference in someone's life. Our practical approach includes cultural anthropology, public policy, and neuroscience, which allow workers to understand the context of addiction and devise a way to help the individual come out of addiction's clutches. 
We offer practical tools, theories of recovery, interventions, and screening to provide a good understanding of the issues to the recovery workers, helping them evaluate the treatments. The seminars and workshops will deep dive into the approaches to technological interventions, psychotherapy, and peer support recovery based on the evaluation to establish innovative addiction treatments. 
Get started, make a difference, and help people against substance abuse and other challenges.
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