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Empower Your Spirit & Don’t Let Your Life’s Struggles Get to You

Everyone in this world is hurting in some way and is struggling. Counseling can help. However, most counseling can help by providing empathy, but it doesn’t offer biblical guidance that can give lasting perspective change.
Undoubtedly, life is anything but easy that requires some help from someone passionate to bring someone out of their depression and struggle life. We aim to bring a transformational change into the life of people who are not in the right mind. 
We offer several services to the clients to help them out:

Tailored Counseling Sessions

BreakFree Ministries offers several tailored counseling services, including biblical counseling, couple counseling, and substance abuse counseling. We aim to connect the individual with the Words of God who is going through struggles or suffering under the weight of their difficulties. The truth is that life is complex, and it is essential to maintain resilience and strong faith to keep your life floating. 

Wedding Ceremonies

We offer premarital and marriage counseling to couples in need. We aim to ensure that our clients can find victory, healing, and hope in their lives while addressing the issues. We resolve the root issues that impact spiritual, emotional, and faith maturity with God and others bringing healing and freedom. We have also performed wedding ceremonies for the lovely couple, uniting them in pure union. 

Musical Personal Appearances

BreakFree Ministries has made personal appearances in musical events to run the fluid event face-to-face with the personalities. In addition, our qualified counselors can help to maintain a healthy event to ensure it goes well. 


Change the behavior that is not right for you and others around you. Interventions can help in designing and characterizing your behavior. We offer evidence-based practice to help people who need a behavioral change framework. Our counselors evaluate the frameworks to assess the issues to help the clients overcome certain limitations. 

Presided Over Funerals

BreakFree Ministries offers to preside over funerals relating to any customs of an individual. We aim to conduct services that can follow all traditions and rituals to symbolize the grief of families and friends.
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