Addiction Interventions

We understand the helplessness that anyone feels when they see their loved ones suffer from alcohol or drug addiction. We at Break Free are dedicated to offering a safe container to anyone who wishes to help someone they know overcome their addiction. 

At Break Free Ministries, we believe love for God and a spiritual path can lead anyone to overcome addiction. 

What Is Addiction Intervention Program?

The first step Is Recognition.  
We at Break Free Ministries encourage people to get healed from every malignancy and malevolence that an individual faces from the environment. Our path to God leads us to help others and those who want to help others. Part of that journey for us is to help addicts and move them to the path of faith and the love of God.  
Our addiction services include an Addiction Intervention Program where the addict is asked to recognize they have the issue of addiction. 
It is challenging to confront a friend, spouse, parent, sibling, or anyone you love who is addicted and refuses to recognize it. Hence we are here to help you with that. It is the first step in understanding the addiction problem by the addict with the help of others. We offer integrated services with day programs to bring the patient with the family. It also includes intervention by the health practitioner, therapy team, and minister/pastor. 
The program has been developed to help the patient understand the issue, take control of life, and perform better. 

Why Us?

Guiding You With Love & Passion 
Over the years, we have helped with addiction intervention with hundreds of people. Our method works because we offer: 

What do We do?

Find the difference with Break Free In Your Life!
We have faith that every person has the strength to overcome addiction or any difficulty if they believe in themselves and God. Based on this belief, we have developed our program. 

Holistic Approach 

As Break Free Ministries we offer holistic addiction intervention care that is multidisciplinary. The design is based on psychological, medical, physical, nutritional, and faith pillars that lead the patient to recovery. This comprehensive approach makes us unique. 

Experts Are Part Of The Team 

At Break Free Ministries, we bring experts in treating addictive behavior. Our team includes allied health practitioners, medical professionals, and therapists apart from the ministers. We all work together to deliver the best and a customized program for the patient. A constant support group is in place to receive every required help to overcome the demon of addiction. Our team is dedicated to offering outcome-focused care to lead the patient to a better life. 

One-On-One Day Programs 

We offer the addiction intervention and the program in a safe place where no one is judged. The exceptional treatment is done privately and conveniently, so the patient does not feel cornered. It is delivered one-day each week, thus making the entire journey possible without compromising work, family, and other commitments. 

Who Are We?

Break Free Ministries is a faith-based organization that serves men and women suffering from addiction to drugs and alcohol. We aim to assist individuals suffering from mistrust and anxiety, spiritually or relationally, causing them to move toward addiction, thus besetting sins. At the organization, we work with the community and individuals to bring these people back to the path of Jesus so they can overcome their self-defeating patterns.
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