Pre-Marital and Marriage Counseling

Having a dispute in marriage is a common thing. No marriage is perfect, and once in a while, an argument can go beyond your expectation creating problems and differences. Whether you will get married or have been married for some time now, it is possible to need some counseling to overcome certain issues and take a step towards a fresh start.
Hence, comes pre-marital and marriage counseling. If you think your relationship needs some work, it is best to get one or many sessions with professionals who can help you get on the same page. It helps you build a solid and healthy foundation to stay committed to a long-term relationship. Couples can also leverage practical tools that will help them prevent any serious issues and address significant situations at the first stage only. 

What to expect from Premarital Counseling?

Premarital counseling is a way to engage with the partner before getting married, and it helps set boundaries, maintain a healthy conversation, and engage on a deeper level. Our experts at BreakFree Ministries will cover:
  1. Marriage Expectation – Everyone has a certain notion or idea when they enter into the union of marriage. It is best to have a proper and open conversation about your expectations to find common ground for a happy and respectful married life. 
  2. Past, Present, & Future – Be open about everything, where you were in your past, where you see yourself in the present, and where you want to be in the future. Whether it is the past flings or future kids, it is essential to specify everything.
  3. Role Belief – List down your roles in the union, professionally and personally. It is essential to give a solid foundation to your marriage, and what can be a better way to know the role you both will play in the constitution of your life. 
  4. Sex and Intimacy – It might be a part of “unspoken-in-public-company” topics, but it is one of the most controversial issues that one might face. One needs to set things straight and inform each other about what they want their post-marriage life to be like. 
  5. Money Trouble – Understanding the financial stand of each other is a vital factor when it comes to home expenses and other additional expenses. It is best to understand the saving plans, contributions, and what one need to expect financially from each other. 

What to expect from BreakFree Ministries Premarital and Marriage Counseling?

Our aim at BreakFree Ministries is to ensure that one can communicate their conflicts in a safe and healthy environment without worrying about their privacy. We provide that one can talk and understand each other’s points of view. For this, we will offer:
  1. In-person Counseling – In this, we provide personal counseling to each person to understand their point of view before discussing things together. This makes it easy for us to know what we expect and how we can tackle the issues in the best possible manner.
  2. Compatibility Questionnaires and Tests – With the set of questions, it will be possible to know your view on different topics and find common ground to build a future together. 
  3. Online Courses - Our experts have built pre-marital counseling courses to help a person resolve conflicts and potential anti-pirate issues before they can even arise. 

Why pre-marital and marriage counseling?

The pre-marital and marriage counseling will help you take the conversation forward with a positive resolution, learn to resolve conflicts, identify conflict areas, set realistic expectations, and make peace with your past. 
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