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Equipping anyone affected by the dysfunctional aspects of their lives with the Gospel and principles of recovery.


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BreakFree ministries is a faith-based organization that serves men and women addicted to drugs and alcohol.

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We provide counseling to couples, people with addictive behaviors, and training to those who wish to join the ministry.

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Breaking Generational Curses.
When my now wife and I became engaged six years ago, we knew we wanted a different life than our families’ lives. Our families were hard working and loving, but were also plagued with addiction, mental illness, instability, abandonment, and abuse. We yearned for a faith/grace-based relationship full of love, support, connection, and meaning. And we especially wanted to model those values for our nieces, nephews, and peers. However, we didn’t know where to start, or what new skills and perspectives to learn.

Then God brought Reverend Love into our lives. He pastored my wife’s Grandfather’s funeral. We knew instantly that our meeting was divine intervention. We soon started premarital counseling, and on April 30th 2016, Reverend Love married us before God and our families. Five plus years later, we still meet regularly with Reverend Love for monthly marital counseling. He has helped us build a God and Kingdom first, covenant-marriage.

During our years of counseling, we’ve learned the tenants of a Faith-based family, how to manage our finances the Kingdom way, orient our marriage to God’s word, to pray properly, ways to successfully communicate our feelings and needs to one another, to preemptively resolve conflict, and to forgive. Counseling, prayer, and regular bible study help us navigate the everyday challenges of partnership.

We wake up every day deeper in Love with God, and one another. Best of all, our nieces and nephews (now young adults), ask us about our relationship, and how we solve problems. Other married friends ask us how we’ve built such a strong partnership. Husbands ask me how they can effectively partner with their wives Single male friends ask me how they can find a partner like mine. Secular friends ask me about God, and being a Christian. We enthusiastically give all the glory to God, and Reverend Love!

If you want a healthier marriage/family, or to position yourself for a future healthy relationship, I highly recommend starting marital/relationship counseling with Reverend Love.
Mario de Leon
I met Pastor Kenneth during one of his monthly visits to preach in the county jail. His transparency of being a man of God and recovering addict, who currently struggles was the spark of hope that I needed. I have struggled with sexual issues that drove my drug addiction deeper and longer than necessary and kept me believing I was not entirely accepted by God.

When I joined the 'Not yet done' Men's Group, I was encouraged to share my deepest darkest secrets openly. I did so with tremendous fear, but instead of humiliation from the group, I felt love and acceptance. Something I've never experienced before.

Since then, I've shared my story numerous times on many different platforms. I've abstained from using alcohol, drugs, and tobacco for over three years. I've learned to love and forgive myself. Most importantly, I've built a guilt-free relationship with Jesus Christ that has allowed me to move forward in my recovery.

In just three years, I have reconciled with my teenage daughter, graduated from De Anza College with an AA degree, and accepted to attend San Jose State University in the fall of 2020.

I'm not sure where I'd be without BREAKFREE MINISTRIES.
Kevin M. Williams
"The Lord works in mysterious ways". Have you ever heard that phrase?
I have known Pastor Kenneth Love and the work he does with BreakFree Ministries for over 15 years. In fact, he is one of the men who baptized me. I have been on several retreats where I have heard him teach and I have had many conversations with him about recovery, spirituality, and living life on life's terms. Pastor Love has had a great impact on my life, my recovery, and my walk with the Lord. I am grateful to him for many things but one I want to highlight in this testimony is the work he has done with me in restoring the relationship between my father and me.

I have not seen my father for 30 years and truthfully I have always hoped that one day he and I could talk and be friends. I never knew how it would be possible or what a relationship like that would look like and not knowing and being afraid to find out was what has kept me from trying for so long.

In one counseling session with Pastor Love, he was listening to my story and when I spoke of, my dad, he brought to my attention that it sounded like I had a distorted view of who my father was. I agreed but then he said he felt that one day my father and I would reunite and I was shocked, (in a good way.) I had longed for the day that this could happen but I was never brave enough to speak it into existence.

In less than a month I was on a plane to see my dad and we had a great time together. He shared with me some things he struggled with in the past and how the years slipped away but he always prayed for us and also hoped that one day we would reunite. It is hard to fully express all that had happened during that trip but I know that the healing began for me and my dad, and I want to express my gratitude to Pastor Kenneth Love and BreakFree Ministries for that.

Pastor Love cares a great deal for each person he works with and is devoted to personal and family growth so that healing and happiness can be restored.
Ricky Wade and the Wade family
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